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I was born in Verona, Italy and I’m living in Lyon, France. After a long professional experience in the graphic arts field, once retired, I spend all the time for my passion: photography.
During decades I was involved in silver halide photography, then in Digital but, suffering to be more and more depending from programs and software thus with a great sens of frustration because aware of my dependence from others (Algorithms/peoples).
With the study of technical books, visits of Museums and exchanging with “Wetplater” worldwide and a lot of trial in my lab I’ve reached a quite good professional level in Wet plate photography. I spend a lot of time doing conferences and workshops over wet plate photography, producing plates in my studio and Lab and assisting young Wetplaters to succeed.
Portraits and Still life are the majority of my creations and soon, with a new mobile lab, landscapes.
Pure silver images, Unicum !
Michelangelo Bertani
Michelangelo Bertani
6, rue Marcel Mérieux
69380 Chazay d’Azergues, Francia
0033 6 18 29 72 73 (Mobile)


Michelangelo Bertani

  • Vaso
  • Collodion
  • Hanemühle Bamboo Watercolor Paper
  • 13x20cm
  • 20..
  • Unique piece
Price €450.00