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My photography is inspired to Japanese visual arts and the concept of wabi and sari - the acceptance of transience and imperfection. I think that every single shot is not just the reproduction of a place but is at the same time the ideal representation of it and a reflection of human emotion .

For these reason I am very attracted to work from pictorials movement , and I begun to study old photography print process. 

My work with ancient photographic printing techniques is mainly dedicated to places of worship, sacred places. I have always been fascinated by sacred architecture by the charm of the ruins to their ability to place ourselves in a transcendental dimension out of time and space where I personally find peace and empathy with everything around me. In this sense as well as in landscapes, photographing for me represents a moment of introspection and peace. I chose the techniques of platinum palladium and van dyke brown print for two opposite reasons.

Platinum Palladio should be the eternal print, unalterable almost ethereal in its nobility, just as all the sacred places built by men would like to be. On the contrary, VanDyke is considered the least durable technique, the one that suffers most from the decay produced by light and oxidation. However the Vandyke if treated in the appropriate way can become durable in its fragility, just like the temples, churches and mosques that come to us burdened by the weight of the centuries, fragile but eternal at the same time.
Roberto Roberti
43122 Parma Italy
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Roberto Roberti

  • India
  • Brown print - Van Dyke
  • Fabriano Artistico 100% cotone
  • 24x30 cm
  • 2015
  • Unique piece
Price €300.00